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The online Edition of
The Connoisseur Catalogue of
Machin Stamps

and Decimal Definitives


Why an online edition?

Since the publication of the 10th Edition of the Connoisseur Catalogue and itís subsequent supplement a huge amount has happened in the Machin world. The rate of development continues unabated, making it impossible for a Machin catalogue to be produced that is not out of date as soon as it is published. Connoisseur Publications have decided to embrace technology as a means to counteract this problem, which has been the main cause in the delay of publication of an 11th edition.

Although several sections of a new edition have been worked on and completed, by the time that subsequent
sections have been finished the earlier sections need further revision, a never-ending task, not
dissimilar to painting the Forth Road Bridge!

Now, by utilising the internet, the Connoisseur Catalogue will be published in chapters as soon as they
are completed, making them instantly available online. It is also the intention to update the catalogue
on a much more frequent basis, a godsend to collectors in this rapidly moving field. Illustrations will also
be in colour, a significant upgrade to the black and white images in previous print editions.

How will it work?

Initially, the website will contain pages from the 10th edition and itís supplement. Over the next few months we will be adding updated and new chapters to the website as soon as they are finished, gradually building up the catalogue into an up-to date reference Ė we have several almost ready to go. Initial attention will be devoted to single stamps as this is the most popular area of collecting, but coil strips, cylinder and date blocks, booklets and panes and other supplementary items will follow in time.

During the initial process of adding to the website, we will ensure that completed sections are still regularly updated with new issues, new developments, new finds of earlier items and any corrections or omissions should they be drawn to our attention. If you register your address with us, we will even notify you by e-mail of revisions and additions to the catalogue.


Whilst the website is being developed access will be free to everyone. However, when we are happy that it is operating smoothly and there is sufficient new content, we will ask users to pay a small annual subscription to access the information on the site, although some general information will still be free of charge. The cost of this subscription will be significantly lower than a new printed edition and of course, will always provide you with the most up to date version of the catalogue.

Printed Catalogues

Although we do not intend to print a full 11th edition in the imminent future, the idea has not been indefinitely shelved. However, those collectors who donít have internet access or simply prefer to look at a printed listing need not fear. We will be making available individual chapters from the catalogue in printed booklet format, similar to that of the 10th edition supplement. As these will be printed to order on a digital press, they will always contain the most up to date version of the catalogue at the time of order. You will be able to choose just the chapters that interest you most, keeping the costs down. These will be available to order online, via e-mail or over the phone, fax or by post. Full details will be available on the website or via post in due course.

Machin Stamps

   First Chapters NOW ONLINE

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The Connoisseur Catalogue of Machin Stamps

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