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The Connoisseur Catalogue was first published in 1977 in attempt to make what was even at that date a rapidly growing and increasingly complicated subject. Over the years the catalogue has developed adding extra sections to cater for a constantly evolving and expanding area of collection. It now encompasses almost all areas of Great Britain Machin collecting (the Machin head has also been used extensively on Commonwealth stamps, but these are outside the scope of this publication). It tries to steer a mid course between the relatively straightforward listings seen in general and one-country Great Britain catalogues and the incredibly sophisticated and comprehensive handbooks and study circle notes. That is not to say that these publications are not of merit. In fact our opinion is totally to the contrary, they serve an incredibly valuable to resource for collectors whose interest is either narrower or require information in even greater detail than we provide here. The Connoisseur Catalogue puts emphasis on the explanation of why changes in printing process took place (when known) and what effect those changes had to the stamps or booklets in question, with, hopefully, enough description and illustrations of distinguishing features to make identification of different printings easier.

The initial 10 editions of the catalogue and their supplements (from 1977 to 2001) have appeared at increasingly larger gaps, the result of a corresponding increase in the amount of information that the catalogue contains and the pace of development in stamp printing processes. It has now reached a stage where a printed 11th edition of the catalogue has become exceedingly difficult to achieve. The decision was therefore taken to move the Connoisseur Catalogue online, embracing the modern distribution technology that the internet and the worldwide web now allows. This should enable more rapid dissemination of new listings and information, as well as being able to update sections of the catalogue chapter by chapter, something quite impossible to achieve by conventional printed media. It also offers the benefit of enhanced colour illustrations and the ability for collectors to view more than one page of the catalogue at a time – for instance one can examine the listing for a booklet stamp, the pane from which it emanates and the booklet in which that pane was originally issued all at the same time. Although not effective at present, it is hoped that, at a future date, hyperlinks between the stamp and source will be put in place.






The Connoisseur Catalogue of Machin Stamps

Printed Editions

First edition – September 1977
Reprinted – December 1977

Second edition – March 1978
Reprinted – March 1978

Third edition – March 1979

Fourth edition – May 1980

Fifth edition – March 1981

Sixth edition – March 1982

Seventh edition – October 1986

Eight edition – November 1989
Supplement – February 1991

Ninth edition – May 1992

Tenth edition – August 1995
Supplement – April 2001

Catalogue Awards

Bronze medal, Stampex 1981

Bronze Silver Medal, Stampex 1982

Awards at Annual Philatelic Literature Fairs,
Cardinal Spellman Philatelic Museum, USA:
Silver 1984; Vermeil 1987; Vermeil 1987

Silver Medal and National Postal Museum Medal,
Stampex/B.P.E. 1987
Silver Medal, Stamp World London 90



Prices are quoted in £ sterling and refer to unmounted mint examples in perfect condition. They are considered a fair estimate of the market price prevailing at the time of publication and are included as a guide to collectors. Where a market figure is not established the price is marked with a ‘—‘. No guarantee is made that the publishers can supply these stamps at the listed price.

Differing sources. Where a given stamp comes from more than one source, these are set out below one another in date of issue order in the ‘Source’ column. The quoted price (printed next to the first entry) is to be taken as the cheapest stamp from among them. The publishers cannot guarantee to supply stamps from each different source at the lowest quoted price.

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