A full range of accessories is available for the album system, enabling you to tailor it to your own specific requirements. These accessories allow for the insertion of stitched, folded, window and prestige booklets, FDC’s, Presentation Packs and any other specialist items that may not be included in the album. Matching blank album leaves enable you to expand the scope of the album contents to your specific requirements. Slipcases and additional album binders are also available separately allowing the system to expand as your collection grows. An order form and price list is available to download below. The Album system is available direct from the publishers, Connoisseur Publications or through selected dealers and philatelic accessory suppliers. To order simply complete the form and post, fax or e-mail it to us.


Album Binders & Enhancements

Album Binder
Binders are hand made to ensure long life & quality, covered in a padded “Skai” finish in navy blue, with elegant gold blocking on cover and spine.
A rule of thumb is that one album binder will fit approximately 100 leaves (or 200 pages), dependent, of course, upon how fully filled they might be.

Matching Slipcase
In matching navy blue “Skai”.

Album Numbering
Gold dry transfer number and letter sets enable you to number albums and slipcases.

Sliding Track
Enables binders to be removed easily from slip case by inserting this clear plastic track.

Additional Recommended Collector Aids

Pocket Ultraviolet Lamps
Convenient battery powered pocket size ultraviolet lamps. The short wave model is ideal for checking paper and phosphor on pre-security issues.
The longwave version is essential for identifying fluorescence on security issues from 1993. Takes 4 AA sized batteries (not included).

Measuring Magnifier
A precision German manufactured 10 x magnifier with built in measuring gauge, accurate up to 0.1mm., invaluable for measuring value settings, phosphor widths, etc. Lightweight and pocket sized.

Accessory Pages

Blank leaves
Utilising the same high quality stock as the printed pages, you can add items to your albums for which no spaces are provided, such as imperforates, cylinder blocks, etc. enabling you to customise the album system to your own collection.

FDC & Presentation Pack Leaves
Crystal clear pockets, free of plasticizers ensuring your stamps are safe. Each leaf accommodates four P.O. covers or packs.

Stock leaves
Keep duplicates or items awaiting supplements, mounting, etc. on super rigid double sided vinyl stocksheets in the back of your album. Available from 1 to 8 strips per page (8 strips is optimum for single Machins) and with either black, or white backgrounds. When ordering please specify the strip size and background colour required.

Booklet leaves
Similar to the stock sheets above but with a transparent background so both sides of the booklet can be viewed without removing it from the sheet. Variants are available to fit the following booklet types:
Vending Machine books – 10 pockets of 125 x 55mm.
Folded Counter & Type 3 Window books onward – 5 pockets of 190 x 55mm plus a spare 58mm pocket per strip (can be used for write up notes).
Type 1 & 2 Window & Self-adhesive books – 4 strips of 72mm.
Prestige books – 3 strips of 96mm.

Exhibition protectors
Crystal clear vinyl for those very special pages.



Connoisseur Catalogue - Album Accessories
Sliding Track

Connoisseur Catalogue - Album Accessories
Pocket Ultraviolet Lamp

Connoisseur Catalogue - Album Accessories
Measuring Magnifier



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